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Welcome to our new website, here you can have free imvu credits , we offer you credits daily. Our goal is to provide you credits for imvu game everyday, these credits are 100% safe and working with android and  iOS, we recive daily imvu promo credits to give you for free, sometimes you must to install a simple app to help our team to maintanance our website and pay host, hope you like what we are doing and you will enjoy the free imvu credits whe give it to you from our web generator and enjoy your game that have been new realeased if you like our generator please share with your friends.

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But why are we giving them for free? he give you for free because we recive a bonus if you use this credits and you will have the codes and we recive the bonus when u use our credits. Everyday we see people searching on web for free imvu codes and some competitors not giving you this codes, they ask you to complete a survey then don`t give you the codes, we ask sometimes for a survey but be sure you will get the credits with generator in maxim 10 minutes.

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    This is the best thing every I love to play it.

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    pls give me free credit

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    Give me a 10k credits plise

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