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Play Strategically: In Imvu game, you will come across tricky stages as soon as you reach Level 8. It is important to think one step ahead in the game so that you can reach advanced levels swiftly. Do not rush through the levels; take your time by examining the board and try to match more than three in a chain.

Save The Currencies: Credits are the main currency of the game that will let you buy Shovel power up. Try to spend Credits for buying Shovels rather than other power ups. This is because some other power up will give you a head start but lots of Shovels will help you in completing the level quickly. A Shovel enables you to dig up one tile anywhere on the board. So, this can be really helpful when you are stuck up at a tough stage. However you can always get unlimited Credits with our Imvu Hack.

It must be really tempting to use the rainbow blast that is highlighted on the board. However, using it at the right time will be the best choice. For instance, you can use the rainbow blast for getting a gnome out of the corner of the board.


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